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Make project-based learning easier with Project Foundry. We engage students in the learning process, dramatically reduce paperwork and compile performance-based assessment in an easy-to-search format. Learn more.

Plan. Work. Assess. Show.

Project Foundry offers a streamlined, collaborative workflow, portfolio and reporting solution for project-based learning. Project Foundry scaffolds the process while embracing voice and choice in both teacher-guided and student-led projects.

Students and advisors at Escuela Verde share how they use Project Foundry to facilitate authentic project-based learning.

New This Fall... the TOTALLY Streamlined Project Foundry 6   

We at Project Foundry have learned a ton from the 30,000+ students and teachers we've worked with over the years.  We've applied those learnings in the totally streamlined, next-generation version of the platform with Project Foundry 6. Stay close as details continue to roll out!  Click here to learn more!


What Schools Are Saying...

Project Foundry allows our teachers to focus on teaching, while still providing the necessary documentation needed to validate our student’s accomplishments. Also, we appreciate that the tool is flexible enough to adapt to our specific needs at NWPHS.
— Jamie, Northwest Passage High School (Coon Rapids, MN)
Project Foundry is accountability for project-based learning. It is a vital tool in creating successful projects. I’m a huge fan of how easy logging hours and journaling is within the tool.
— Tom, Aveson Global Leadership Academy (Altadena, CA)
Project Foundry provides our students the ability to track their progress overtime. This helps us reenforce learning plans and encourage students to care about what they are working on.
— David, Milwaukee Learning Laboratory and Institute (Milwaukee, WI)
Project Foundry has been extremely beneficial to manage projects for students. It allows students to have more independence in their learning while holding them accountable. It is also a great communication tool for parents, students and advisors.
— Gigi, EdVisions Off-campus School (Henderson, MN)
Previously I used 2 blogs, Moodle, email, messaging, and about 5 different software programs. [Project] Foundry puts everything under one hood in a way that my students can operate more effectively.
— Michael, Kimberly School District (Kimberly, WI)
Project Foundry is a great way to track student progress. It’s great to be able to go to the ‘Students’ page and see where every student is on every project within one click. Project-based Learning Systems has been very responsive to customer requests and they update the program often to make it very user friendly.
— Staff at Riverbend Academy (Mankato, MN)

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