Release Update 12.16.16

What’s new in Project Foundry?

Friday evening (12/16) we released a set of enhancements to PF6.

This release addresses a significant amount of feedback, number of suggested features and other issues you shared with the Project Foundry team since the initial release of PF6. These enhancements are available to all of our customers as of today.

We timed this release so that as an advisor you will have an opportunity to review and practice with this new functionality over the Christmas vacation time. We recommend you take a small amount of time to familiarize yourself with the enhanced functionality that shows up throughout PF6. Many ‘under the hood’ enhancements are aimed at significantly improving the reliability and predictability of PF6, which are more difficult to pinpoint on the screen. However, a number of enhancements address the overall user experience, reducing frustration, introducing consistency and saving steps to achieve a goal.

This a sampling of enhancements we made in this release of Project Foundry.

  1. Forms now will appear without ‘double scroll bar’. This improves the efficiency of scrolling to the desired section in the form on forms with large amounts of information.
  2. Sorting Time Logs is now implemented independently from sorting the summary information in the right margin
  3. Students can no longer delete a task that was created by an advisor
  4. In the ‘Students’ tab, it is now possible to select allgroupsindividual students in left side listing.

Additionally, a number of enhancements were made to improve the stability and dependability of Project Foundry 6 for you.

Descriptions of some of the enhancements

Forms now will appear without ‘double scroll bar’

What is it?

In the past, when forms contained a significant amount of information, both the form itself, as well as the PF6 window it was contained in, would generate a scroll bar to move the window up and down. With this enhancements, there will be only 1 scroll bar, making navigation easier, quicker and less frustrating.

Why did we introduce this feature?

This was a technical implementation that had not been sufficiently addressed in previous release packages that was causing confusion and frustration among our users. We streamlined the underlying functionality to reduce that amount of unnecessary steps for our users.

Time Logs ‘work’ tab allows for editing time logs independently from displaying the summary information in the right margin.

What is it?

The middle window would show a changing subset of time logs depending on the time range selected in the right margin. This is now functioning independently from each other.

Why did we improve on this feature?

Allowing the date range in the right margin to influence the selection of time logs in the central listing would introduce confusion and the possibility of error in the processing of changes made to individual time logs.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Access your advisor environment
  2. Navigate to ‘Experiences’
  3. Select an experience to review
  4. Navigate to ‘Work’ tab
  5. Navigate to ‘Time Logs’ tab
  6. Manipulate the selection date range in the right hand margin. The middle window shows no change in number of time log entries.


Students can no longer delete a task that was created by an advisor

What is it?

PF now prevents a student from ‘moving’ or ‘deleting’ a task that was assigned to him or her by the advisor.

Why did we introduce this functionality?

This functionality was enhanced to behave consistently. Students should not be able to modify items that advisors has added to their experience, either as comments, tasks or evaluations.

To see this, perform the following steps:

  • Access your advisor environment
  • Navigate to a student experience that is active.
  • Navigate to the ‘Work’ tab, then to the ‘Tasks’ tab.
  • Select ‘Add Task’
  • Add a task and assign it to the student (note that by default, all students associated with the experience will be on the list to receive the task).

The two screen shots below show the difference in available edit menu options between a self assigned task (on the right) and an advisor assigned task (on the left)

In the ‘Students’ tab, it is now possible to select all, groups, individual students in left side listing.

What is it?

A more user friendly way for advisors to find specific students, or students in specific (advisory) groups quickly.

Why did we introduce this functionality?

As schools add more students to the Project Foundry workflow system to support their learning, the original lists were becoming too long and unwieldy to find specific students. We’ve now introduced mechanisms that make it easier and faster to find the right student whose experience needs to be edited or reviewed.

As a result, an advisor’s time spent per student reviewing work should be reduced.

To do see this, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in as an advisor.
  2. Navigate to ‘Experiences’
  3. Select an Active experience
  4. The left hand margin will now show a list of students associated with the experience.
  5. At the top of this list, next to the title (‘Members’) a sorting mechanism will be available.
  6. The initial mechanism will order student names alphabetically ascending or descending.

This mechanism is available in user lists in the left hand margin. It will only appear when it makes sense: For instance, when the list of students shown is greater than 5.


What’s Next?

This release resolves many bug issues and requested improvements. Our team is already working on the next release which will cover addressing the following functionality:

  • Rolling out improvements in sorting and filtering through the application, where it makes sense to do so.
  • Addressing opportunities for introducing consistent functionality and removing those occurrences where this is not the case today.
  • Improvements to presenting the Calendar
  • Correcting anomalies in the calculation of content targets and credits