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Make project-based learning easier with Foundry. We engage students in the learning process, dramatically reduce paperwork and compile performance-based assessment in an easy-to-search format. Learn more.


We help you transform educators, schools and districts to Deeper Learning.


A comprehensive approach for human and technological transformation to Deeper Learning

With FoundryTRANSFORM you will develop your Deeper Learning acumen while easily managing complex data and workflow interactions. You will master planning, standards, assessments, and evidence evaluation while easily documenting learning. You’ll have the ability and technology to support Project-based, Proficiency-based, Place-based and Personalized Learning. Free yourself to be the guide and mentor you were meant to be!

Our Process turns schools into Deeper Learning ecosystems. Our Platform changes teachers into mentors.

Teachers, Mentors & Advisors

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Remove the paperwork barrier and inspire your students! 

Leaders & Administrators

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Provide proof of student engagement and learning, and prepare students for 21st century work and life. 

Student Agency & Engagement

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Help your students get excited about learning again! 

What is Deeper Learning?

Deeper Learning prepares students with the 21st century skills for college, career, and life. Deeper Learning methods embed strong academic learning, but also embody the ability to solve complex problems, work collaboratively, communicate effectively and learn how to learn. Deeper Learning – and our software to manage it – encompasses many educational methodologies that are standards-based and student-centered.

Examples of Deeper Learning

  • Personalized learning

  • Project-based learning

  • Inquiry-based learning

  • Proficiency-based learning

  • Evidence-based learning

  • Place-based learning

  • All student-based learning

Foundry is your Deeper Learning partner to transform classrooms, schools or entire districts. And with over 70,000 teachers and students collaborating on more than 700,000 learning experiences, we’ve certainly learned how!

What Schools Are Saying...

Foundry provides our students the ability to track their progress over time. This helps us reinforce learning plans and encourage students to care about what they are working on.
— David, Milwaukee Schools (Milwaukee, WI)
Foundry is accountability for project-based learning. It is a vital tool in creating successful projects. I’m a huge fan of how easy logging hours and journaling is within the tool.
— Tom, Aveson Global Leadership Academy (Altadena, CA)
EdTech Awards Cool Tool Finalist 2019