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Along Came A Spider

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'Along Came A Spider' is a fully fleshed out project example, made available to us by Wildlands, one of our pioneer schools in Wisconsin. These are resources for you, the teacher/advisor to help you plan and manage the project.  Below files are the individual components that you can download one to a time. At the bottom of the page, we also provide the option to download all related files at once, as a zip-file. 


The Planning Form

Everything you need as a teacher to get started with planning the execution of this project: Learning Standards, Learning Targets, Resources, Goals and Objectives. 

Use it as it, or modify according to your local context.


The Field Journal

Taking your students 'out of the building' is the best way for them to experience their world and build excitement for the project. In this resources, the fields of Art and Science meld to give you students a better appreciation of both.


Spider Classification Reference

An introduction to the variety of spiders that your students may come across in their field study. 


Spider Resources

This document provides additional suggestions for how to bring science into the project, from scientific drawings to links to resources to investigate.


Writing Reflection (Art/Poetry)

Looking for ways to bring Language Arts into the Spider project?

Why not explore writing a poem about the animal that creeps you out the most? 


Assessment Rubrics

This file gives you a starting rubric as used at real projects by one of our schools. Adopt it or use it as a template. You're the innovator in charge!


Project Photo Journal

This is a real journal to record your finds and findings in!


Prefer to download the entire set and work your way through it?

The button to the right let's you download the entire set as a zipped folder to your local computer.