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Avalon School

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Many educators acknowledge students should graduate with 21st-century skills like perseverance, self-direction, planning, self-discipline, adaptability, and initiative. However, in many schools, students are not empowered to practice these skills. Everyday our job at Avalon is to empower students and personalize learning. Students learn skills to mediate conflict, solve problems, and create new rules through our Avalon Congress. With teacher support, students determine their own curriculum and decide how they will meet graduation standards through seminars or independent projects. Deeper learning requires that teachers know their students and connect them to relevant learning opportunities.


While students are empowered to lead their education and accept responsibility for the community of learners in the school, teachers at Avalon are similarly empowered. There is no principal or director, but the staff operates as leaders and shared decision-makers. At Avalon, teachers accept greater accountability for school success and control the curriculum, budget, professional development, and personnel decisions. It is in our hands to meet our academic and school goals. Our model of Deeper Leading contributes to powerful teacher retention.


"Avalon School has worked closely with Project Foundry since its inception. As pioneers of Project-based Learning our model is simply not possible without the Project Foundry platform. We use Project Foundry to track student growth, manage graduation plans, and communicate with students, families, and other institutions. At the heart of Project-based Learning is the idea that students are truly in charge of their own education; Project Foundry makes that a reality.

"We continue to learn alongside Project Foundry and its partner schools. These partnerships have proven invaluable as we work together to teach and learn best practices in the field of PBL." - Tim Quealy of Avalon

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