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Release Update 2.20.17

Enhancement: Presentation of student performance results.

Student Performance Views in Project Foundry are key to students, advisors, and parents understanding learning progress.  Our Development Team has been taking a Deep Dive into performance and we are excited about several feature enhancements that provide additional clarity, consistency, and understanding of a student’s accomplishments in real time – more ah-ha moments in seeing growth!  And though we have additional enhancements in the works that will make evaluation and performance workflow more seamless, we want you to benefit from these latest improvements right away.

We spent a considerable amount of time evaluating the usability of these pages for both student and advisor. Some elements have been simplified to remove clutter, others made to look and function consistent with the same components in other areas of Project Foundry, etc.

The updates available in this release fall under the following categories:

  • Performance and scalability (overall system architecture). Many ‘under the hood’ enhancements are aimed at improving the predictability of how learning is represented in Project Foundry.
  • Visual accuracy and traceability of performance in the components on the Performance page Content Targets and Credits tabs.
  • Usability enhancements such as color consistency, simplification of presentation, reducing the number of navigation steps.

These enhancements are available to all of our customers as of today February 20, 2017.

We recommend you take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with the enhanced functionality. Below a brief description of the major components we addressed.

This a sampling of enhancements we made in this release of Project Foundry.

FEATURE 1 - The Learning Plan Pie Chart shows progress toward completing the total number of targets/competencies in the assigned learning plan.  In the image below, the total plan equals 132 targets: 49 completed, 10 in progress, and 73 remaining to be done.

Content Targets Performance Page view


FEATURE 2 - The Performance Level Bar Chart shows the performance level on all targets/competencies attempted by the student. This includes any targets that are extra to, or over-and-above, the learning plan.

Progress Bar Graph Performance Page


FEATURE 3 - If you have multiple Learning Plans for a student, you can limit the data that will be visible by clicking “Show This Plan Only.”  This will allow only the information from the selected learning plan at the top to be visible.

Show This Plan Only



For more detailed description of this updated functionality, please see the Project Foundry Help Center sections for Student, Advisor and Administrator. This is also accessible from everywhere in the Project Foundry environment.

Discover a bug? Tell us about it at or directly through our Help Center bug reporting feature in every Project Foundry window.

Have ideas for new functionality for Project Foundry to help students do even more exciting projects? Make Project Foundry work for you. Tell us where we can continue to improve our product.