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Release Update 07.12.17

'Anytime Evaluation' and Skills Performance Heatmaps now available.

Student accountability and ownership of learning are key concepts in Project Foundry. Students master new skills and competencies at different pace and should be evaluated when they are ready. , advisors, and parents understanding learning progress.  Our Development Team has been taking a Deep Dive into experience evaluation and we are excited about several feature enhancements that provide advisors with the flexibility to modify learning targets for an individual student and proceed with evaluation of a student's work when the individual student is ready for that. We have additional enhancements in the works that will introduce project closure at the individual student level possible and we'll inform our schools when this becomes available later this summer.

We spent a considerable amount of time evaluating the usability of these pages for both student and advisor. Some elements have been simplified to remove clutter, others made to look and function consistent with the same components in other areas of Project Foundry, etc.


The updates available in this release fall under the following categories:

  • Student Evaluation is now possible at any point in time after the project has been approved. 
  • Student Project Plan modification is now possible at any time until the project is closed by the assigned advisor.
  • Performance page 'Skills' ('Habits') presentation in heatmap format has been enhanced with functionality similar to the 'Content Targets' and 'Credits' pages.
  • Visual accuracy and consistency of functionality between the Performance page Content Targets and Credits and Skills tabs was reviewed and adjusted.

These enhancements are available to all of our customers as of today July 10, 2017. We recommend you take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with the enhanced functionality.

Anytime Evaluations

Until today, it was not possible in Project Foundry to add or modify learning targets to a student project that was in active state. With the enhancements released today, advisors will be able to:

  • Add a learning target to an existing, active project and save that target together with the existing student record. 
  • Evaluate student performance for a specific learning target when the student is ready, regardless of whether other students are ready to be evaluated.
  • Projects still need to be closed for all students at the same time.

Skills Heatmap

Below a brief description of the major components we addressed regarding the Heatmap for Skills development.

The Advisor role Skills (Habits) Heatmap shows progress toward mastery of competencies/skills/habits in the assigned learning plan.  clicking on the arrow next to the Skill unfolds a list of Skill Group items with their individual evaluated results for the student.

 Advisor view of a specific students' Skill development progression (all names are fictitious)

Advisor view of a specific students' Skill development progression (all names are fictitious)

Clicking on a green square (Initiative, Exemplary) shows  the detail description of the skill (if provided), the advisors that were involved in evaluating one or more of the opportunities, as well as the projects in which the student practiced and demonstrated the specific skill.Clicking on the highlighted project name will take the user to the specific project plan to review detail.

Advisors can view Heatmaps for each student in their advisory group, by switching students in the column to the left of the Heatmap on their screen. Student have access to their own results to keep track of their progress in the Performance section of their environment.

Like all Performance page screens, this screen can be printed exactly as shown on your screen by selecting 'Print' from the 'Performance Actions' menu.

Heatmaps with the same set of functions are also available for students to track their individual progress (see sample below). 

 The student view of individual skill development (names are fictitious)

The student view of individual skill development (names are fictitious)



For more detailed description of this updated functionality, please see the Project Foundry Help Center sections for Student, Advisor and Administrator. This is also accessible from everywhere in the Project Foundry environment.

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