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Release Update 12.12.2016

What's new in Project Foundry?


On Dec. 9th we released a set of enhancements to our platform. This release addresses a significant amount of feedback, number of suggested features and other issues you shared with the Project Foundry team since the initial release of PF6. These enhancements are available to all of our customers as of today.

We timed this release so that as an advisor you will have an opportunity to review and practice with this new functionality before your new week starts. We recommend you take a small amount of time this weekend to familiarize yourself with the enhanced functionality that shows up throughout PF.

This a sampling of enhancements we made in this release of Project Foundry.

  1. Students are now prevented from editing, deleting or moving tasks after approval by an advisor.
  2. Advisors can now filter task lists for all students by up to 3 criteria.
  3. Advisors can now sort & filter student time logs shown in the portfolio tab.
  4. Admin roles can now add new Users through import of spreadsheet with a layout that reflects their school format.

Additionally, a number of enhancements were made to improve the stability and dependability of Project Foundry 6 for you.

Description of some of the enhancements

Students are now prevented from editing, deleting or moving tasks after approval by an advisor.

 advisor view

advisor view

What is it?

The edit menu for the individual task now will show ‘strike out’ font on menu functionality that is no longer available, if the task has been approved.

Why did we introduce this feature?

Once an advisor has reviewed and approved a student task associated with an experience, the student should not be allowed to modify that tasks, unless the advisor agrees with the reason this is necessary and ‘unlocks’ the task.

Verifying a task triggers a message to the student(s) whose task is/are being modified.

To do this, perform the following steps:

 student view

student view

  1. Access your advisor environment
  2. Navigate to experiences, All Members
  3. In ‘Overview’, identify a task that is ready to be verified
  4. Select ‘verify’ from the options to the right of the task

In the student view, for the same task that was just verified, the student will now see those menu actions that are no longer available indicated with ‘strike-out’ font. The actions can no longer be performed.