Deeper Learning Webinar

Join us in this free webinar for educators and school leaders as we show you how to transform the people and technologies to your vision of Deeper Learning .

 Webinar for School Leaders and Teachers

How to Get from Where You Are to Deeper Learning
(PBL Personalized, Place and Proficiency-based Learning)

Deep engagement, quality work, significant contribution, deep competence and whole persons.

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We all envision this for our students, right? And not just in the future, but now. So, what is the path to this vision for deep learning? This is a bold vision, and it requires more than new methods, materials, or software. It requires a kind of metamorphosis to a new way of being, working, and relating: literally, a transformation!

In this free webinar, we will investigate the core principles of people transforming to Deeper Learning, beginning with honoring who and where they are, right now. We will investigate the power of nurturing trust, collaboration, communities of practice, and the collateral energy for growth that emerges from them. You will explore the levers that shorten the journey and foresee the energized transformation of you, your team, and your students.

What You Will Learn:

  • Consider Deeper Learning levers that power effective change.

  • Reflect on culture that guides and sustains Deeper Learning.

  • Design for practices that will build confidence and success for your learning community.

  • Envision communities of practice that build systems of influence to grow your desired future.

Who Should Attend:

  • Administrators – principals and superintendents with a vision for Deeper Learning

  • Curriculum Leaders & Instructional Coaches – facilitators seeking a coherent effective approach

  • Teachers – solo leaders of Deeper Learning (like PBL) or partners on teams

  • Anyone interested in transformation to Deeper Learning

Our Speakers
Camille Mortimore, Ph.D.
Chief Learning Officer, Foundry

Camille serves as Foundry’s Chief Learning Officer. She has been a pioneer and leader in learner-centered and project-based learning, as well as administrative leadership and organizational and professional development. She founded and served as Head Learner of a project-based learning public charter school in Milwaukee and has also served as superintendent and K-8 principal over 18 years. Camille has extensive experience in elementary, middle school, high school, and college teaching. In her role as Foundry’s Chief Learning Officer, Camille focuses on integrating effective Deeper Learning research and practice into the Foundry platform and innovating schools, building powerful partnerships to enhance teacher and student performance, implementing PBL and Foundry in complex school and district contexts. Camille has a Doctorate in Educational Policy and Leadership and a Masters’ Degree in Administration and Supervision.

Adam Bilsky
Director, Foundry Network

Adam joined Foundry in May of 2019 after 20 years in both formal and informal education, working to bring authentic learning and leadership experiences into the classroom. He has many years of designing programming and learning experiences in the realms of summer camping, year-round and summer-immersive youth leadership organizations, middle schools, and urban charter high schools, most recently with Chicago’s Noble Network, where he designed a Senior Research Seminar for 200 college-bound students. Adam has a Masters Degree in Public Service Management from DePaul University and a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University.