Foundry Transform

Foundry Transform: A comprehensive approach for human and technological transformation to Deeper Learning

The Platform + The Process = The Prize
The Platform

The Platform: Award-winning Foundry, designed for school and district use.

Monitor and Devices

Foundry supports the wide variety of Deeper Learning approaches, simplifying the complex interactions of teachers and students as they plan, work, assess, report, and showcase their learning.

  • Supports Project-based, Proficiency-based, Place-based and Personalized Learning

  • Fully configure the platform to your program design, learning targets, skills, scales, learning plans, forms

  • Implement easy, role-based learning experience design and workflow management for both students and teachers

  • Use powerful real-time analytics for educators and learners to plan, visualize, and map progress

  • Simplify students articulating their learner profiles and goals and reflecting on their progress

  • Generate learning results in multiple formats for all stakeholders

  • Make your design coherent across the school with shared templates and project warehouse

  • Design for any size school, program, or district configuration

End the mess and enjoy the simplicity of a single repository for all your Deeper Learning work.

The Process

The Process: Expert-guided transformation process with personalized learning for educators and students.

Students Cheering

Build consensus and commitment across your learning community! You will create an action plan based on your beliefs, needs, and goals, and confidently implement the essential practices required to reach and sustain your Deeper Learning vision.

Learn by doing as you design and configure your Foundry platform with your school’s specific Deeper Learning approach - a fully coached, hands-on, rewarding learning experience for you and your team.

Our Transformation Science team will support and guide your team throughout the whole process. Draw on our deep experience in instruction, school leadership and Deeper Learning. We support you as you make the important decisions necessary for the transformation to Deeper Learning, using this five-phase approach:

  • DISCOVER: Assess your readiness and create your school’s action plan, aligning goals, culture structures, and instruction

  • DESIGN: Design and configure Foundry to fit your program, standards, skills, assessment, workflow

  • BUILD: Engage educators in transforming their practice and gaining Foundry platform expertise

  • TRANSFORM: Onboard students, build engagement, and increase learning

  • THRIVE: Embed new practices and skills for continuous learning

Each school travels its own transformation path. Foundry’s is there to keep you on track and growing.


The Prize: Confident teachers, engaged students, authentic Deeper Learning!

Students at Chalkboard
  • Build a confident community of learners

  • Inspire teacher and student agency

  • Realize your shared goals and Deeper Learning vision


Foundry is the only leading Deeper Learning Management Solution company that readies your organization for Deeper learning, and provides the platform to manage it. Supporting all aspects of Deeper Learning (Project-based Learning, Interdisciplinary Learning; Personalized Learning, etc.), over 70,000 students and teachers in 26 States and 4 countries have already created over 700,000 deeper learning experiences with Foundry.