(Project-based, Proficiency-based, and Personalized Learning)

  • Foundry Transform™ is a unique, comprehensive process and platform approach that engenders human and technological change.

  • Foundry’s award-winning platform allows teachers to easily manage the mounds of data yielded by Deeper Learning methodologies while managing the complexities of interdisciplinary learning.

  • Guided by the Foundry platform, enhanced with self-help resources and personal coaching, Transform allows educators to design their school’s vision of Deeper learning, and master planning, standards, assessments, and evidence evaluation while easily documenting learning.

MILWAUKEE, WI, AUGUST 15, 2019 - Foundry, a leading provider of educational Deeper Learning software and services, today announced a new offering called “Transform.” A process and platform approach to taking schools where they are now to school or district-wide Deeper Learning, the Transform process builds consensus and commitment across the school’s learning community, creating an action plan based upon the school's beliefs, needs, and goals. Schools can then confidently implement the essential practices required to reach and sustain their Deeper Learning vision.

With Transform, school leaders and educators learn by doing as schools use the Foundry platform with their own school’s specific Deeper Learning approach — a fully coached, hands-on, rewarding learning experience. Foundry’s Transformation Science* team supports and guides the team throughout the whole process.

“We know from experience that just acquiring software alone is not an effective and sustainable approach to Deeper Learning,” said Camille Mortimore, Ph.D., Foundry Chief Learning Officer. “We draw upon our deep experience in instruction, school leadership, and Deeper Learning implementation to support our customers as they make the important decisions to Deeper Learning,” noted Dr. Mortimore.

William Mortimore, Foundry CEO, ascribed Transform's approach as a differentiator from other Deeper Learning management solutions. “We created our Foundry platform to ensure that schools have freedom of choices and full flexibility to use it to support their own vision of Deeper Learning, but those choices can be complex. That is why our Transform approach guides our schools in creating their own transformation to Deeper Learning. Our platform doesn’t make the choices for them” observed Mortimore. “And that makes all the difference in supporting teachers as they build expertise in this work,” said Mortimore.

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*See Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC)

About Foundry

For innovative, motivated educators who want to implement student-centered Deeper Learning (PBL, personalized learning, competency-based learning) and need to meet the complexities of managing interdisciplinary/inquiry-based learning, Foundry is the Deeper Learning Management Solution that delivers high engagement, increased student agency, and improved outcomes. It allows educators to transform management time into learning time. Foundry’s platform is adaptable, flexible, and configurable to support our customers’ needs across all Deeper Learning methodologies. Over 70,000 students and teachers have created over 700,000 learning experiences spanning all Deeper Learning methodologies with Foundry.


Lumen Touch Launches Partnership with Foundry, Deeper Learning Management System Leader

KANSAS CITY, MO, October 25, 2018 – Lumen Touch, an all-in-one enterprise management system for school districts has integrated Foundry in its Lumen Touch enterprise system. Called Bright FOUNDRY, it provides a learning management solution designed specifically for Deeper Learning methodologies, such as Project-based Learning and Personalized Learning, and is available to all Lumen Touch customers. Through a partnership with Foundry, the leading provider of Deeper Learning management solutions, Lumen Touch provides a system for innovative educators who want to implement student-centered Deeper Learning within the complexities of managing interdisciplinary learning. Bright FOUNDRY delivers high engagement, increased student agency and improved learning outcomes, and allows educators to transform what was "management time" into student learning time.


“At Lumen Touch, we look for partnerships to complement our all-in-one enterprise management system and provide our school districts with the best technology. Foundry provides an opportunity for administrators, teachers, and staff at our schools to provide an authentic and powerful learning environment for all students. We are excited to partner with Foundry and continue to meet our vision of connecting all learners to opportunity.” –Dr. John Vandewalle, CEO, Lumen Touch

“We are pleased that Lumen Touch has selected Foundry to extend its Lumen Touch capabilities for Deeper Learning,” said William Mortimore, CEO. “With Foundry, their customers can eliminate burdensome manual tracking of each students’ progress and can easily access data, in real-time, that provides clear evidence of educators' hard work and a rich picture of student learning for parents, students and administrators,” said Mortimore.

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About Lumen Touch

Lumen Touch is proud to bring a true all-in-one, integrated technology solution designed to increase productivity, security, and efficiency for schools. Our Bright SUITE includes an extensive Student Information System, a compliance driven Special Education System, FERPA and HIPAA approved Health Management with Medicaid Billing, Curriculum and Learning Management, Student ePortfolio and Mentor Program, Communication and Collaboration Platform to Engage All Audiences, Professional Development, Interactive Data Dashboarding, Financial Management and MUCH MORE. We are determined to provide the highest level of customer service and be sure all learners are connected to opportunities through technology and leadership!