Upcoming Foundry Features

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We have actively engaged members of our Foundry community of users to assist us in simplifying our user experience (UX), especially for first-time users. Our goal is to allow for layering of Foundry functionality to allow for progression from a “Novice” to an “Expert” user. In addition, we are focused on removing the remaining inconsistencies in our UX (User Experience). We have already introduced several improvements, and our pace will be accelerating as the year progresses. We are exceedingly grateful to the members of our Customer Advisory Panel who have been assisting us as we design and implement these new capabilities:

• Micah Depper, Harpswell Coastal Academy, Harpswell, Maine

• Adam Forsgren, Paladin, Blaine, Minnesota

• Opal Ehalt, Minneapolis Public Schools, Minneapolis, Minnesota

• Elizabeth Cardine, Making Connections Charter School, Amherst, New Hampshire

• Dreher Robertson, Durango Big Picture School, Durango, Colorado

• Brian Brueger, Eagle County Schools, Eagle, Colorado

• Derek Jensen, PSI High, Sanford, Florida


Easily Accessing Data. One of the important features of Foundry is the access to actionable performance data so that all stakeholders can easily see what areas of a student’s progress can be celebrated, and where the educator and student could focus to accelerate progress. With the help of our Customer Advisory Panel, we have made substantial enhancements this area since last year, including our just-released Performance Pages, and we will continue to introduce further improvements during the next several months.

More Seamless Google Integration. Our users have requested more seamless integration with other tools that they are using. We already support integration with Google calendar. We will shortly make Google single sign-on available, and will be moving toward Google Classroom integration to assist our schools that are using Classroom for some of their work.

Experience Warehouse. Finally, as a first step toward establishing Foundry as a comprehensive platform for Inter-School Deeper Learning collaboration, we recently released the initial implementation of the Experience Warehouse. While this is currently available only for sharing within a school, it forms the underpinnings necessary for curation and sharing of experiences between schools in our network.

If you or anyone else in your school is interested in helping our Advisory Panel improve Foundry for the community, please contact me at Have an idea of your own? Submit it to