What is Deeper Learning?

Deeper Learning Poster

Educational terminology can be confusing. Project-based, inquiry-based and personalized learning are some of the many terms that fall under the category of Deeper Learning. There are idiosyncrasies within each methodology, and wisely, Foundry supports ALL of them.

Deeper Learning encompasses significant academic content, higher-order thinking skills, learning dispositions, and life-ready skills. Deeper Learning is based on the premise that work (and the world, for that matter!) is evolutionary, and as a result requires an education that increasingly requires that students graduate with a mastery of skills like complex problem solving, teamwork and analytic reasoning, as well as mastery of academic content.

The term "Deeper Learning" was first introduced by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in 2010 and specified a set of educational outcomes. Here is a great resource to better understand the concepts of Deeper Learning.