Project Foundry or Foundry?

Foundry Logo 250.png

"Project Foundry" has changed its brand name to "Foundry" for a very good reason. Only Foundry supports all types of Deeper Learning: Project-based, Competency-based, Personalized, and Inquiry-based learning methodologies. "There is a lot of crossover in these methodologies, but having a platform that supports all of them allows schools and districts to be flexible according to the educators' and students' needs, and supports variability from school to school, teacher to teacher," says Camille Mortimore, Ph.D., Foundry's Chief Learning Officer. 

And the great news is that Deeper Learning is growing. How do we know? From a new market report by Digital Journal, that showed significant growth in the Deeper Learning technology and services sector. In the report, Foundry was proud to be featured as a leading vendor, as well as to be featured at a PBL level with the prestigious Buck Institute, and knowledge-leader Edutopia. Let us know if you're interested in managing your school's or district's Deeper Learning with Foundry's flexible platform - the market leader in Deeper Learning Management Solutions!