Project-Based Learning Planning Framework

Project-Based Learning Planning Framework

Help your students plan their projects each step of the way

When creating a new project, students need to process their thoughts, questions, ideas, and motivations into a plan of action for creating that project from start to finish. Planning frameworks and mini-lessons help students channel their ideas, gradually take responsibility for their own learning, and help them create concise, well-developed projects that lead to deep learning and growth.  Use our PBL Phases checklists and planning forms for powerful student—or teacher—project creation from start to finish.

We hope you find the PBL Planning Framework valuable for engaging your students and helping them move their project-based learning lesson plans further, and move your project-based learning lesson plans into fully developed projects. Send stories and photos from your adaptations of this project to so we can share your experiences with other Deeper Learning educators.


PBL Phases Checklist and PBL Phase 1 Plan Form

Shared Responsibilities Continuum and PBL Phase 2 Work Form

Showcase Evaluation and PBL Phase 4 Form

Presentation Assessment and PBL Phase 3 Access Form


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