Project Foundry 6: Launch

Introducing Project Foundry 6 - Simplified. Intuitive. Fast.


The Project Foundry Team is excited to be launching Project Foundry 6! Since 2006, we've managed over 400,000 learning experiences for 30,000+ students and teachers in schools across two countries and 25 states. Our customers' innovative use of the platform and invaluable feedback has converged into a streamlined user experience that:

  • Gets teachers quick answers of their common questions.
  • Empowers students to be the driver of their own education.
  • Equips parents to encourage authentic learning within their family. 


Project Foundry 6 demonstrates our commitment to innovative educators, stays true to preparing the next generation of learners for the world they will live, all while fulfilling our mission to simplify personalized, student-centered.  The Project Foundry Team remains hard at work at refining details and on boarding more existing customers to the update. Those schools that have already opted in to the PF 6 BETA have witnessed significant speed improvements, new features, and easier ways to get around. We'll continue to push out updates every week as we continue to optimize speed, incorporate even more functionality, and polish details.  We're excited about our progress and are in the process of re-introducing ourselves to the world in early 2016. We remain appreciative of the feedback we've received by the many already opted into the PF 6 BETA! In the meantime, there are several  ways you can hit the ground running with PF 6. Help us help you as we accelerate our efforts:  

Frequently Asked Questions

When will this be available?

Customers can now opt in to the new Project Foundry 6. You can also preview the new version by clicking on the "Preview PF6" link in the upper right of their screen (once logged in). Upon logging out, you will revert back to your original version for the next time you log in.

Is this update included as part of my existing annual subscription?

Yes. Whether you opt in right away or wait until later, this update is free and included.

Will Parents/Coaches see the new version?

Yes. The Coach and Parent role has an updated look and feel inline with the new Advisor/Teacher role.

Will my students data transfer over? 

Yes. All learning experiences (aka- projects), evaluations, assessments, journals, time logs, results, calendars, learning plans, learning targets, project requests, result forms, journals forms, student info, school settings, and groups will will transfer over.

Will students see the new version?

Yes, eventually. We expect to have the student role inline with the Advisor/Teacher role soon. 

Can we stay with the existing version of Project Foundry?

Yes. The existing version will continue to work. However, we will eventually stop providing customer support for this legacy version.