Rigorous, Authentic Projects

Rigorous Authentic Projects

Rigorous Authentic Projects

When students are engaged and passionate about projects, their investment in the learning discovery and skills growth builds confidence and agency over their own learning. What is the best way to ensure their passion? Amp up the challenge (for your learners), lower the stress (for you), and boost the engagement for everyone! These documents will assist you inspire your students in the project creation phase.

The content of the documents is explained in detail in our online webinar:

“Rigorous, Authentic Projects for Deeper Learning: How to Find, Plan and Manage Them.”

For best results, watch the webinar now!

What you'll learn...

  • Finding project ideas that really matter and work

  • Designing projects for authentic, real-world work

  • Planning for rigor and results

  • Managing learning data for each learner

  • Guiding students to powerful exhibitions of learning

Who should watch…

  • Educators

  • Curriculum Leaders

  • Principals

  • Partners and Mentors

  • Superintendents

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