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Scroll through a tour of Project Foundry and see first-hand how it makes managing project-based learning easier.

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Individualize Student Work

With your students' prior knowledge and experiences in mind, thread together and provide scaffolding for a series of learning experiences to ensure optimal learning and rigor.  Connect students to relevant resources based on learning styles and learning plans, using Project Foundry differently for varying learning experiences. 


Work Happens - Manage the Process

Project Foundry streamlines the required effort and paperwork by providing quick search tools and feedback loops for keeping students on track. Advisors can easily monitor and enforce task due dates and track time logs.  


Track Student Progress

Track student process skills, metacognitive reflection, and external  test scores to fill in a  more complete personalized learning plan and get a whole sense of who the student is.

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Track Learning Outcome Proficiencies

Using Project Foundry allows you to align learning standards/outcomes with a variety of teaching and learning techniques at hand in your innovative school. At the end of the process, these aligned standards are validated and roll up into easy to read reports and views.  This articulation means you spend less time defending your good work and more time showing it off.


Summarize Student Work

Generate reports and transcripts with minimal redundancy and effort in distribution. Recognizing that there may be different reports & transcripts for different purposes, Project Foundry offers many reports and viewing options to best inform external stakeholders and serve your school's needs.

Showcase Student Work

Project Foundry organically collects and organizes student work along the way, as well as provides an easy to use website builder offering the needed balance of collection and showcase. Students thread together and highlight their work, interests, and aspirations to more richly tell the story of their educational journey.


Facilitate the Type of Learning Environment You Want

Customize and set up Project Foundry with the tools and features to minimize the learning curve for students, parents, and staff.  Articulate learning outcomes, graduation requirements, evaluation scales, and customize all of the project proposals, rubrics, and assessments to meet your school's needs.

Capture and Manage Student Data

Spreadsheet import functionality allows you to easily create student accounts and understand how existing and new information pertaining to a student will be captured and managed.