Transform your Students into Non-Fiction Writers

Transform your Students into Non-Fiction Writers

Field Journal sample

Field Journal sample

Encourage your students to think creatively about spiders—how they are shaped, individual traits, and visual characteristics. Then, enable them to apply that creativity towards improving their understanding and of non-fiction writing.

The Writing Reflection will help you:

  • Develop critical thinking skills in your students through reflective image questions

  • Encourage students to express themselves through reflective poetry

  • Build reasoning skills in your students by helping them discuss, listen, and share ideas with their peers

The Science Magazine will:

  • Teach students about spider superstitions and offer you talking points to disprove them

  • Motivate students to think deeply about different kinds of spiders and their role in our ecosystem today

  • Allow you to expand upon additional topics related to spiders and provide more guiding questions to your students

The Field Journal will:

  • Provide examples of non-fiction writing and technical drawing

  • Give you online resources to provide additional guidance to your students as they write and draw about their findings

  • Inspire students to create non-fiction stories of their own and use their time to produce technical drawings


For more Along Came a Spider Resources visit the Along Came a Spider Project Plan page.

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