Turn Students into Critical Thinkers

Turn Students into Critical Thinkers

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Spider Classification Form sample

Spider Classification Form sample

Give students a new perspective on spiders; there is more to the creepy crawly arachnids they study than meets the eye. 

Encourage your students to think critically about spiders—how they are named, how their webs are formed, and how they are classified—and start a conversation about these notorious eight-legged creatures.

The Along Came a Spider Classification TemplateSpider Resources, and Spider Classification will allow you to:

  • Provide an organized way to classify spiders and understand spider traits, habits, and behaviors

  • Share additional resources with your students to extend learning inside and outside of your classroom

  • Guide students to think critically about spider taxonomy, identification, and more

  • Present visuals your students can use to better understand how their analysis fits into the larger scope of spider exploration and research