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Rigorous, Authentic Projects for Deeper Learning/PBL: How to Find, Plan and Manage Them

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When students are engaged and passionate about projects, their investment in the learning discovery and skills growth naturally builds confidence and agency over their own learning. What is the best way to ensure their passion? We’ll show you how in this free webinar, where you will learn how to transform learning through discovering, planning, and managing authentic, rigorous projects. Amp up the challenge (for your learners), lower the stress (for you), and boost the engagement for everyone!

How to Transform Traditional Schools to Deeper Learning

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Transforming your school from a traditional approach to Deeper Learning methodologies like PBL and Personalized Learning is a daunting task! Any school leader approaches this work with lots of questions and knows there are lots of possible answers. But which are the best? Where do we start? What are the most powerful levers for change? How will we help teachers be confident, engage learners, and track the mountains of data? And how do we prepare for such significant change?