Our Passion

How does Project Foundry make project-based learning easier? We engage students, streamline paperwork, generate transcripts, focus on life skills and create robust student portfolios.

Our Passion

See how students and advisors at Milwaukee's Escuela Verde do project-based learning with Project Foundry, then learn more about how Project Foundry can help you achieve your PBL goals.


Students Learn When Interested

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that people learn by doing and stay motivated through topics of interest. The interdisciplinary nature of the real world means students need to synthesize information and polish the life skills needed for the 21st Century Economy.  Innovative schools across the United States and Canada are using Project Foundry as a management tool to help engage students by facilitating student-directed, teacher-organized and/or school-initiated project-based learning.  If you're truly doing Project-Based Learning, you'll want to see Project Foundry in action.


Piles of Paperwork Are Not Easy to Search

Project-based learning in practice can be more challenging than traditional chalk-talk without the right tools and training. Piles of project proposals, time logs, and learning standard binders can be a real drag!  Project Foundry streamlines the paperwork and validates the learning by collecting the documents through an intuitive user interface that parallels PBL best practices.  With Project Foundry you can spend more time with students, and less time organizing stacks of paperwork or folders of spreadsheets.


Generate Standard-based Transcripts Quickly

Schools need to demonstrate that students are learning their respective state learning standards/outcomes required for graduation.  Project Foundry helps dynamic learning environments demonstrate accountability by providing the ability to align and evaluate projects against state learning standards. In addition, Project Foundry provides powerful tools for self and peer assessment along the way.  As a result, schools using Project Foundry have a series of useful reports, a standards-based transcript, and project-by-project drill downs that communicate academic progress.


Life Skills Are Part of the Learning Process

The skills needed to succeed in the 21st century economy need to be practiced, refined, and then refined again. Content mastery is no longer enough to remain competitive in the global economy.  Hands on, experiential, problem-based instruction gives students the opportunity to practice and refine the life skills they will need to succeed. Project Foundry scaffolds best practices while reinforcing process improvement and short feedback loops.


Digital Portfolios Should Be Digital

As digital natives, students can quickly learn the tools necessary to build representative portfolios.  However, the challenge for teachers and schools is collecting and organizing tangible experiences in a way students can quickly and easily reflect and represent their work. With Project Foundry, students and teachers collect their documentation of learning intuitively along the learning process. Then, when students are ready to represent their work, they can quickly and easily build their portfolio with Project Foundry's easy-to-use website builder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Project Foundry fit in my technology ecosystem?
Project Foundry is a perfect complement to a number of other tools you and your students may use for manage teaching and learning. Project Foundry is the workhorse for workflow management, personalized learning plans, student portfolios and centralized standard tracking, while other tools nicely fill in the other needs of a dynamic learning environment, including: Google Apps, iLife, Moodle, and VoiceThread.

What is required to use Project Foundry? 
An internet connection and a modern browser, including Chrome, Firefox and Safari for both Mac and Windows. Oh yeah and also Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+.

Is Project Foundry compatible with tablets?
Yes, using the default installed internet browsers. We're working on native apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

How long does it take to get started?
Once you've decided to purchase Project Foundry and submitted your purchase via the Buy Now form, we can have you a site within 1-3 business days.  From there, you'll want to anticipate some time to make the site you own— select standards, change forms to your own, add students.  This can be pretty done quickly in the tool, but seeing how people sift through some of these details, you may want to plan a week to a month to accommodate schedules and conversation of the group you're working with.

Why are you different?
As former practitioners of PBL combined with seven years of working with hundreds of schools across the country, we've learned a thing or two of how people do authentic personalize project-based learning.  Our tool aims to support and scale educators to do more PBL.  We're passionate about the approach, some products of such schools, and send our own children to institutions that embrace more constructivist, learner-centered approaches to learning.

What if I have more questions?
If you have any  questions about  Project Foundry or the sign-up process, please send us a note at info@pblhq.com and a member of our team will respond shortly.

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